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Taking Teacher Education Back to the Future

By JEAN M. WALLACE Our future is in the hands of our children, and our children’s future is shaped and molded by their learning experiences in our schools. “Every road to a sound economy and a more civil society runs … Continue reading

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Lise Leist: Poverty as a Service Theme and College Admissions Process

We had a conversation recently with Lise Leist, Director of Community Affairs at the very exclusive King School in Connecticut. Lise digs into the rapidly shifting college admissions process. The usual test score nonsense in admissions continues, but they really … Continue reading

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School Shootings: What Does Early Childhood Have to Do with Them?

By RAE PICA I realize this isn’t the kind of thing I typically write about — and it would certainly seem to have nothing to do with early childhood — but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about school shootings. I’ve found myself asking: … Continue reading

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