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Something Larger: The Benefits of My Anthropological and Humanist Training

By MARTIN ORTLIEB Below are a couple of sketched observations why I feel fortunate about my training. I believe it helps me help the world in a time during which humanity faces many urgent challenges. (Forgive me, this is the … Continue reading

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An Artist Says NOW is the Time to Involve Our Students in their Community

A very powerful interview with artist Margo Mullen, a passionate believer in bringing people and communities together through Place Based Service-Learning (and Art of course!) As Margo says, “Now is the time”. — Thanks to Nathalie Sanchez and Emiliano Brooks-Luna for … Continue reading

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“Obvious” Questions & Thinking Like a Child

By DONNA MARIA ROMEO, PhD. Have you ever found yourself talking to someone about a seemingly mundane subject, such as “your morning cup of coffee routine,” only to discover to your surprise that he or she doesn’t have a morning … Continue reading

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Elder Documentaries: Student Initiative Means Community Connection at a Visceral and Emotional Level

By TERRY LEE Terry Lee is an Associate Professor of English, with a specialization in journalism, at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. With a background in journalism, as well as a Ph.D. in British literature, Terry developed a … Continue reading

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Our Kids Are Kids

We interviewed public school administrator Anna Kuykendal, from urban Githens Middle School in Durham, North Carolina. Anna testifies very eloquently to the power of bringing public and independent K-12 school educators together for the conversations and work that MATTERS. These … Continue reading

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